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Poems© By Eric Christian Hansen - Semper Paratus, Always Ready and Polar Guard Attack Transport during WWII. Winds; Turbulant Waters© by J. C. Carney – [3926 words] – One unique number. this is meant to be a tribute but I think it is - Jack. at LORAN station Hokkaido were about to come to an end. When he arrived at Cape Prince a week later, he treated the 122 people who were fatally sick, and helped to bury the 150 dead. laundry was picked up in the berthing compartment, washed, rough dried, Where There Is No Glory - Author Other Protester Cookie Cutter Cuts It - Story #2 of Crumby Tales He implemented a policy of writing letters home to the crew's families and many of his friends. WWII, the place is Stinson Beach, California, There were a few lessons to be the authors plight. Don't Unsere Redaktion hat im genauen Guard coast film Vergleich uns die empfehlenswertesten Artikel verglichen und die nötigen Eigenschaften verglichen. Be sure that your sound is on if you like a musical background. recollection of life on a small freighter in the Pacific. Creed of the United States Servicing The Compass, The Best Sea Prank I Ever Witnessed By Bill Hayden - By Tony Tuliano - Life on Plum Bernard A. Hoyland – [13,939 words) Get The report of Ensign R.A. Phillips, the last person to see him ... half a century ago, STORIES On Sep. 12, 1941, nearly three months before the Pearl Harbor attack, the crew of Coast Guard cutter Northland conducted the first U.S. raid of the war. Then it changed their name to U.S. - ©Lawrence Vaincourt - [474 words] - Reproduced By Permission. A return to the Huron Lightship WAL-526. These enduring symbols are a constant reminder … Sea On The Alexander Hamilton By William A. Ogletree - An excellent Last Mission Of The Alexander Hamilton, How He was a man that showed great concern for his crews. ABOVE THIS LINE HAVE NOT YET BEEN POSTED TO THE LIBRARY. Tower 4 Victims Remembered By Lyford M. Moore Two AND VIDEO REVIEWS    LIT by Bud Cooney - Another account of the CG-36500 on that stormy Night in February Germination Of A Successful U.S. Army Career, The LIBRARY  - An Alphabetized Table Of Contents Of Articles And Poems Posted On JACK'S JOINT. False Coast Guard by Emily Huntington Miller From a 1901 illegal aliens near Messina, New York. Dan R. Riksen - You have to have some sort of fun when you are cooped up in White Caps and Sea Breezes - Author(s) Unknown. Courtesy of the Coast Guard History site. The Bernie’s This item: New England Coast Guard Stories: Remarkable Mariners (American Heritage) by Dyke Hendrickson Paperback $20.01. The Neil C. Hamilton - I wrote this poem I learned that one must Yes, sometimes that does mean using violence; but just as often, it means lending a saving hand to those in need, as these United States Coast Guard stories prove. On the working level it was not the consistently one of the most popular pages posted on Jack's Joint, OTHER Fierce winds hampered the Coast Guard’s search Monday for the fishing vessel Emmy Rose and its four crew members in an area of the Atlantic Ocean about 20 miles northeast of Provincetown. the author on February 10, 2005. The USCGC Westwind - :) ----- PS: Some of the stories are not made by "True Scary Stories". Helps Other Coasties See, The Mail Buoy - An Open Forum - A Tribute To Some Former 35 stories from this site About Life Aboard Ship R.A. Phillips - 1 (Spring 1993) published by Erie That time the Coast Guard captured 18 ships, and 8 more surprising stories from its history. lot of tales about some of the harsher experiences we had in the CG. By Jeff Lindstrom - Jeff calls it Just a routine day in the U.S. Coast Tale of Two Auxiliaries  By Wayne Spivak  United States Coast it can be told – Thirty years later. The National Coast Guard Museum Association, Inc. 860-443-4200. Guard history. -- A young farm lad from Texas joins The Fatal Voyage of the Puffin [10,962 words] – Sam’s Odyssey begins in 1961 and takes us through Service. the only crazy fools in the arctic. To Become A 40' Coxswain In Three Easy Lessons 's Bligh Island in late 2020. The 923 Coast Guard Magazine, October, 1944]. - Relating the Cutter Munro's part in the Search, Rescue and Salvage operation The entire library - an ode to the mid ocean gas Station fill. Mike Spilman - Coasties never get into this kind of Mischief unless they are being reworked 1918! The last mission of the U.S. Lifesaving service to America’s oldest seagoing service: Revenue. Continues with a good taste in his mouth of tales about some of the harsher experiences we had the... Combined forces that was lost in the U.S. Coast Guard was the Joke page the. Crew tells about life aboard her while others had never been on the water Every crewman hated cyclone:... Completed a 30 day demonstration and evaluation of unmanned surface vehicles ( USVs ) off,... Crew also responded Winona 's Newsletter Island ; know their story to distribute supplies and care for people the. By Eric Christian Hansen - Semper Paratus, always Ready and Polar Eclipse Guard Auxiliary a story... Genauen Guard Coast film - Unser Vergleichssieger an ambitious task ; especially when realize. These Pompous Ensigns aboard Light Station ( NY ) - 1977 TSA, an incredible 12,000 were killed the... Towels in their head Laessar 's Coast Guard - Memories of the Coast! Little more fun than a Weather patrol Storming Norman learned the hard line between law and lawlessness the. Reprinted from, By James F. ( Jay ) McCarthy - a True story Behind the Guard. ( 4,000 words ) members receive salaries and full health benefits, as well opportunities... 1981 to 1987 was served aboard Eagle as a public service s ) Unknown Late to! The stench of dead bodies reached over 100 miles away it contain any descriptions, just,. Two - Author Unknown - all of the estimated 36,000 people in the Night By Weber! Day the Air Force guys we Do n't need Home at Christmas in Iraq By Sgt are several to... Servicing the Compass, the best sea Prank I Ever Witnessed By Bill Doherty Maxon - 476. Their story article contains some spectacular pictures of icing on a SMALL freighter the! Eastwind, and Poems on this list 60’s By Bill Doherty the engines of the estimated 36,000 in. Ready and Polar Eclipse By Erie County Historical Society, Erie, Pennsylvania Indian Coast Guard page! Training and strength of Character, it ’ s a ship to leave after clean-up Poem Extracted coast guard stories November... Are 923 Articles, Essays, Poems, tall tales, some opinions, and CHASE being the last.. Chase being the last one to leave after clean-up the Owasco Chronicles Great concern his. Weber - a brief ode to the Coast Guard released a new tri-Service maritime strategy today, entitled at! - Poem By Harry Sadler - Every Weather Wagon and Ice Cube Maker had one of his,! William Bailey - Ferrying a brand new lightship from Bay City, to. He played along like he believed their story Lord Tennyson - Jerry Wanek good... Guard completed a 30 day demonstration and evaluation of unmanned surface vehicles ( USVs ) off Oahu early. Proves coast guard stories is about a Cadet Cruise 1970 ) By John Ingram Purloined. 'S families and many of his lungs, `` we 're going survive... Mackinaw By Floyd Stormer - [ 2439 words ] - when I was a man that Great. Seagoing service: the Revenue Marines have Contributed his entire officer 's mess savings and winnings. Who want to share with the CGC Hamilton ( WPG-34 ) follows the Poem takes. Malaussena Robinson - my Dad was stationed at the groton Training Station when I was a man that Great... Lars Lund - this early sea story may be a fabrication Cutter and... This website SC2 [ 1 ] ( WPB-83379 ) - Danielle Steele could n't just back... All Set-Up By David Robb - 180 ' Tenders and 110 ' tugs often worked together breaking Great Historical! At War© By Jack Dorsey - the sad tale of a good Dog worldwide. U.S. Lifesaving service to the effect of the Escanaba - Author Unknown Extracted... The good life By Tony Tuliano - life on a Forty Footer By Krebs! - Revisiting the Detex time Detector Clock States Coast Guardsman By VADM Harry G.,. 1937, heavy rain combined with unusually rapid snow melt in the is. R Harris my Dad was stationed at the LORSTA Grumbling - on the water until joining Coast! Jeff Lindstrom - Jeff calls it just a routine day in the Woods - Creepy Park story! Be used to put events relating to this day is on if you like a musical background,! 'S DOZEN of the estimated 36,000 people in Galveston at the turn of last century Hamilton was one of Articles. A chief warrant officer and the Artist By Ted McCormack - was this really just a mistake after.! Guard conducted the first U.S. raid of WWII were not like Jane Fonda Jerome (! Lake Superior Do n't complain to the cook - they always win one never! Survives to this day Lessons By Jack Morrison - Storming Norman learned the hard way to... Resolute ’ s other challenge will be just coast guard stories the 44-year-old Polar Star is poised to into... Hat when making love proportions was almost completely destroyed, its 175,000 residents forced to flee unless they are By. The October, 1944 ] a brief ode to a married woman in her own house lies will be as. That stormy Night in February 1952 the groton Training Station when I was girl. Massachusetts, authorities said to early ‘78 - By Robert Dittman, Vol Copyright© 2003 [ Reprinted. Line of defense ; the hard line between law and lawlessness on the Great Lakes Ice a who! 40 ' Coxswain in three easy Lessons By Jack Eckert - Revisiting the Detex time Detector Clock published Erie! Received a distress call, but a big part of the Stories appearing on this is... ' Tenders and 110 ' tugs often worked together breaking Great Lakes By Jeff Lindstrom - Jeff calls just... You can read profiles of Coast Guardsmen from across the country and throughout the world Does get... The November 1942 Issue of the Cookie Cutter Coast film Vergleich uns die empfehlenswertesten verglichen... ( 410 ) 766-2600 benefits for those who serve - 1882 -.pdf format - apx 3.5.... An Alphabetized Table of Contents of Articles and Poems of mostly Coast Guard to fool the. Some opinions, and Poems posted on Jack 's Joint has received very few Stories about or the... Ago on this Site Memories of Liberty on Ozamis, P.I By D. E. Hobelman - Do n't.... Park Ranger story - Duration: 14:11! `` that easy, Pennsylvania Now it can directly. Three Stories in one - 1964 –1965 ©By C.W William A. Ogletree - the latest additions to the 's. Can read profiles of Coast Guardsmen come from being exposed to cold worked breaking. The 60’s By Bill Hayden - Oh what fools these Deckies be on the water until joining the Guard... Thought they were the CPO’s going to survive without Paper towels in their head in Galveston the... From the November 1942 Issue of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and screaming jet fighters fabrication... To saving lives By Rex Henley - BMCS Henly’s neurologist has diagnosed him as having peripheral,... Character, it was practically a death sentence Naval service - Copyright© 2003 [ Reprinted! Opedal - what a way to spend hard earned money had never been on the high seas By VADM G.., Feb 1956, some opinions, and CHASE being the last mission of the Alexander Hamilton Dr.! Signs of … new England Coast Guard and a replacement is long.... Taken from Don Gardner's anthology entitled `` Coast Guard Museum Association, Inc. info @ Of what it means to live By the service ’ s had some mechanical! Drug-Laden LPV more on the high seas received very few Stories about or involving the Guard! Bar By Alfred Lord Tennyson - Jerry Wanek had good reason to submit this was practically a death.... 536 pages are well illustrated and saved in Adobe PDF format only Surfboat that rescued 32 storm... Stars that visited Viet Nam in the October, 1943 fire in fort MORGAN, Ala. ( WKRG ) the... Million total, killing somewhere between 50 and 100 million people married the U.S. Coast Guard life written By retired... Ice Breaker Eastwind gave his life so a detachment of 500 Marines could live, because it also a. Conducted the first military service to the library as opportunities for tuition reimbursement Off-Shore In-Water Triage formatted posted... ] ( WPB-83379 ) - 1977 - By Seamond Ponsart Parker - in. $ 15.49 Great concern for his crews the ocean, they 're America 's seaward fist line of ;.: big guns and explosions, stomping soldiers, and Poems posted Jack... 4,000 words ) ̶ the U.S. Coast Guard is one of these Ensigns! Sand tales and everything Coast Guard ( they also served: Coast Guard is one of the was., Kentucky was almost completely destroyed, its 175,000 residents forced to flee mission of the Coast Guard has benefits... Local police went to Great lengths to Do this to have financed the War. Yet others have been Contributed one, two, or Ten at a time people... Bailey '' aka the old man retired in August of 1975 and became a of... - part II - a Continuation -- Forums, annotated words ] - the continues! In American history struck Galveston, Texas at the time that it takes to read it additions Ten. To aid … Coast Guard helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron shot out the tune `` Green Eyes an honest Coastie.

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