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With that big beautiful inline six and the trademark six headers it was showing off without even trying. Has Title signed by last owner and is legit. Here is what is known about the bike. $21.50. This is certainly a fine example and the seller’s asking price reflects that. (see Photo). 1979CBX: As close to new as possible with no “patina”. Honda stuck the accessory drives in the middle of the crank, as opposed to at the ends, to keep the crank short for cornering clearance. If you would like additional attribution for your work we are happy to accommodate. The gorgeous shine you see everywhere else is factory original. Please email me at, © 2020 All Rights Reserved. I unwrapped it for picture Day. Certainly Frenchman Georges Martin thought so, and his Moto Martin-framed CBXs are often considered the CBXs to have. It seemed designed to capitalize on the six cylinder racing bikes of the late 1960s, but no real link between the two seems to have been made in advertising the bike. The original keys were lost, I had new ones made. But in its original iteration, that was pretty much the only reason to own one. That is everything known. NOTE! The seat is original. Like a Spondon or a Rickman, there’s really no “standard” Moto Martin: they were generally sold as kits and built to the customer’s specifications. It took 20 years for his estate to be settled and the bike was auctioned in 2005. The right side exhaust muffler has some minor rust “pin holes” on the very bottom of the exhaust collector. The specifications of pre-owned Honda CBX motorcycles for sale include: Engine size: The engine size is 1,047cc with six carburators. The tank is perfect and like new inside and out as seen. Rebuilt front & rear brake master cylinder, new cup and lid on front and full system flush, Checked compression (145 across the board), inspected valve clearance, replaced valve cover gasket and rubber bolt cushions, Completed minor service to take care of the basics. 1980 Honda CBX ALL ORIGINAL HONDA CBX 1980, 1979 Honda CBX HONDA CBX 1000 Complete Collectors set, $6,200 1982 HONDA CBX Excellent condition - 25,000 miles Original Pearl White. As a practice we rehost images and ad copy to preserve the listing for future reference. Early 1980s bikes in general were the last hurrah for dual-shock frames and air-cooled engines, right before the stylistic and performance upheaval heralded by machines like the Suzuki GSX-R750 that set the template for sportbikes moving forward. Find Used Honda Cbxes for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. This bike is the next to last to be sold. Seattle Used Bikes Chrome is bright. From the seller’s eBay auction found here: 1979 Honda CBX-1000 for sale, Super nice example of a 1979 Honda CBX100 This MC has only 2563 mis. Where the CB900F excelled was as an everyday riding machine. Rare SportBikes For Sale. The paint work is fantastic. Congratulations to buyer and seller! I purchased this Bike from Louis Mintrone in 2017. It has been stored in a climate controlled garage in Northern Nevada until I purchased it from a friend a few years ago…it had been in their family and on in display in their dealership since the 80’s. ... Engine Size Any. Most recently BMW introduced the K1600, an inline six more narrow than some fours. New Listing 1979 1980 Honda CBX 1000 left side engine cover oil filler line hose guard. This CBX bike comes from BAC, the famous automotive and motorcycle collection. From the original eBay listing: 1980 Moto Martin CBX for Sale. $11,500.00 Call 419-438-XXXX. In the world of bike porn, there are many shapes and sizes. I added a new battery and fresh avgas last week and the bike runs and the carbs do not leak, however it only ran on 5 cylinders and did not want to idle. Credits cards accepted, up to $150 documentation charge may be added. Call me a pedant [just make sure you look it up before you do], but I’m way more comfortable buying a car or motorcycle from a seller who can at the very least spell the name correctly, and the seller of this rare Bol d’Or even gets the lowercase “d” and apostrophe correct, so we’re off on the right foot! Here is some more information on this model we found: For many, however, the CB900F was the perfect ‘Universal Japanese Motorcycle’ (UJM), the ubiquitous, Japanese, across-the-frame four. But there is no doubt that this example is clean, clean clean. Tim’s early restorations, when OEM Honda parts were more readily available, are regarded by many as the best CBX restorations to be found. Jun 24, 2019 - Explore R Tullier's board "Honda cbx 1050" on Pinterest. Even with a 600lb wet weight — gargantuan by today’s values, and unthinkable for anything sporting — the bike wasn’t that much heavier than its four-cylinder competition. Everything is original bike except for the bearings in the rear swing axle. Being sold with Maine title. From the pictures of the enormous engine, you might think you need to be a bow-legged cowboy to ride one. Built from 1978 through 1982, the CBX was but one of the incredible models that Honda created during this wild time; other examples include CX500 Turbo, CX650 Turbo and later the V45 Interceptor. It has been owned by a Honda dealer, and two fastidious owners in the last 20 years, who kept it immaculately clean. He is well known for his work on Pro links and won the CBX-6 1000 Australian Rally 2009 in Bathurst Best CBX 1000 Prolink class with this bike. Honda Motorcycles. The bike is sold as is, there is no warranty. Pre-Owned. The CBX in this ad took him three years of traveling across the country to find the best CBX he could find. More from the seller: Watch; ... 1978-80 HONDA CBX 1000 1050 SIX HM712 ENGINE CHAIN COVER GUIDE PLATE. Parts or complete bikes considered. The CBX line has always been a visceral affair. The tool kit is complete with the exception of the OEM Shock spanner wrench is missing. The engine was successful in 1966 and 1967, and was the precursor to the CBX. New Bridgestone Battlax tires, in the correct size were mounted and balanced. This Frame is AS-IS and for restoration. By 1980, the Japanese manufacturers had gotten a handle on the art of making their motorcycles go around corners, but the small frame builders that had sprung up during the 60s and 70s were still around, and the CBX was a perfect candidate for a custom creation. Miles aren’t particularly low, but this appears to be in excellent condition, and the seller seems very knowledgeable as well, which always a good sign! As such, the early years have become the more desirable of the bunch. The CBX was well-received by the press, but was outsold by its sibling introduced in late 1979, the Honda CB900F. However they were not alone: Benelli had already come (and gone) with the Sei models, and Kawasaki was soon to follow with their excellent KZ1300 liquid cooled example. The CBX made 102hp and with it’s surprisingly sharp handling, the big Honda was almost universally praised by anybody who rode it. It has been customised with a different bikini fairing and single piece fibreglass tank and seat unit as in the pictures (and has received a FB like from Georges Martin himself) but the original Moto Martin aluminium tank, fairing, fairing bracket, headlight bracket, seat unit, screen with a spare as shown, are also included in the sale. I’m not discounting the aerodynamic (or aesthetic) benefits of bodywork, but bikes like this CBX provide that hanging it all out where it can be seen really makes a lasting impression. All in great condition with a few marks and slight damage to the side cover as shown in the photographs. The bike is located in a Northern Suburb of Dallas. The mileage on the bike reads 35000 and shows on the title too.However I was informe... … .An original collector motorcycle with low miles.In terrific condition.Runs and drives as it should.Impeccably maintained a... 1982 Honda CBX 1982 Honda CBX 1000. In the early 2000s the owner of a famous automobile collection decided that post war 1970s and 1980s motorcycles were some of the most unappreciated classic bikes and set out to buy the best of the best of all the iconic bikes. Parts are still available for the model, making it an excellent collector choice. By the early 1980s, inline four engines went from being exotic and relatively rare to being widely available, even ubiquitous, at least among the Japanese manufacturers. Inline fours have more moving parts and that adds weight and complexity, big no-nos for motorcycles that historically relied on simplicity to keep weight down and minimize parts that could fail. The 1979 Honda CBX shown here is a low mile example. The current owner purchased it in February 1986 with about 17K miles on it. Latest new, used and classic Honda CBX motorcycles offered in listings in the Canada. Issues that are know are very , very minor. Although the bike had very few miles since restoration, I had Preston go completely through the bike again as it had set for awhile. The tires were last changed in 2001. This Frame is AS-IS and for restoration. I located a reproduction owners manual and a stock tool kit that is included. Progressive Shocks are installed in the rear for better handling. Find new & used motorcycles in Canada. It had a new tank at some point in the 1990s after the original was dented. It is time for someone else to enjoy. Upon pick up of the bike, if it is not as described, I will refund all deposits. The bike is not perfect but it is in very good condition and running order for a 38 year old machine. There is also some scratches on the gauges as shown in the photos. You want to buy a classic Honda CBX 1000 motorcycle? I CAN SHIP ANYWHERE IN THE U.S. and help ASSIST with WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!!! But that wasn’t what the CBX was for, so they took the lessons from their tiny 250cc grand prix six cylinders of the 1960s and made a mill four times that size that put out 105 horses at 9,000 rpm. As I have done my best to describe this beautiful bike, it is 40 years old so no warranties. The tach was lazy when I started the bike, this might sort it self out with some run time. The owner passed away after putting 8,533 miles on it in 5 years. The first generation bikes actually developed more outright HP than the follow on models, although the later years did have overall improvements in torque and general responsiveness. Though the technology and thought meant the CBX was a true feat of manufacturing and engineering, it was also heavy, flexy and intimidating. This particular machine meets those specs easily. Starts very easily and runs strong. Buy or Sell Honda Cbx 1050 here in Used Philippines; Browse Used Honda, Honda, Honda Wave and more Honda Cbx 1050 on Used.Com.PH MC h... For sale is a nice original 6 cyl Honda CBX. This is an original 1979 Honda CBX. There are 1 Honda Cbx1000 for sale today. Engine ... 0 New & Used Honda cbx 1050 for sale. Beautiful. 1979 Honda CBX 1979 HONDA CBX 1000. During this time, the Japanese economy was recovering from World War II. With a 1047cc inline six-cylinder engine producing 105 bhp (78 kW), it was the flagship of the Honda range. Rebuilt carburetors, properly cleaned all OEM jets and internals, replaced all rubber bits. The seller says he plans to leave it as-is and let the purchaser decide what to do with the bike. Unfortunately, it was a little more expensive than many wallets could handle and it didn’t sell as well as the lesser CB900 and disappeared after just four short years. Find your perfect car with Edmunds expert reviews, car comparisons, and pricing tools. Prices have been on the rise with these machines – especially the earliest models – but nothing compared to an RC30, RG500 Gamma or D16RR. And while Kawasaki transitioned their naked bike into a full-blown touring bike, Honda elected to evolve the CBX into a sport tourer. Carburetors were Flushed, Rebuilt and Sync’ed. And while CBX sales were far better than other “experimental” bikes of the time (think the CX-series Turbos), it was handily outsold by the cheaper 900F. Prod. the paint is in perfect shape!……bike runs mint, has a clear title  and is ready to go, We re-post public classified advertisements. Dominated by an air-cooled inline format mounted transversely, this Honda made a statement like no other. 6900 Miles. And prices for these mammoth machines proves it. They could be made to get around a race track: some great videos exist of them shaking a leg on track, but they weren’t really suited to it. All of the electrics except the battery are original. Bidding has been moderate, and there is still a reserve in place. More from the seller: The only part that I re-chromed was the rear axle nut. Honda Motorcycles. Being a Honda, they are well built and surprisingly reliable. There’s no getting around the width of the inline six, and any replacement frame is going to have to figure out how to go over or under, since there’s just no going around… The Moto Martin part hugs the back of the engine pretty closely, making the stock airbox pretty much impossible, and replaces the original twin-shock arrangement with a monoshock setup, with thicker forks up front. For Sale: 1982 Honda CBX Supersport. Look at photos and use zoom, very collectible and rare bike. The main reason to own a CBX was always that huge brick of an engine with its cascade of exhaust pipes sweeping around and under it, the wild shriek of the engine, and its smooth power. Two other flaws on the bike. Brake lines are braided Stainless steel instead of the stock rubber hoses. Honda's … CBX owner looking to locate parts for 1979 or 1980 Honda CBX. Depending on the reserve, this might be a good opportunity to get a very rare machine for a pretty good price, but note that this bike currently resides in South Africa, so keep that in mind if you’re suddenly having fantasies of wheeling this beast past your local bike hangout. It was outlandish. 1 miles1979 original honda cbx - 1000 service manual all in plastic sleeves1979 original owners identification cardair box polished - buffed out thru - carl's hondaall brackets - fasteners - misc. six Cyl MC. Honda 1979 CBX 1000 Frame with a Title After Years of Holding on to and Hours of Research, I decided to sell it. This one originated out of England, its original owner brought it here to Seattle when he relocated in early 80’s. The carburetors were restored by Old School Carbs. very rare altimeter to fit in the bikes fairing. Although blighted by the perennial Honda cam chain problem, these were steady, undistinguished motorcycles that improved gradually every year. The tires are next to new. Honda brass at the time even admitted that, if they had been going for track records, they could have made it with a much lighter, more focused and faster four cylinder. I took photos with the tank, side covers and seat off so you can get an idea of the condition. It may have been bland but, as a representative of the era of the universal motorcycle, the Bol d’Or was one of the best. Yet the more conventional CB900F was the real showroom performer, outselling the engineering oddities by a large margin. More from the seller: Featured Listing: 1979 Honda CBX with Matching Helmet! The Honda CBX was the culmination of a vision its designers had in a fever dream, and it set a standard for out-and-out power that manufacturers are still chasing, well into the 21 st century.. I had planned to ride the bike after I completed my work. Seller can help with shipping – I live in a city with a major port. With 105 horsepower from the big six and a 140-mph top end, the numbers were absolutely eye watering, at a time when 80 horsepower was considered just fine. Reports from the time said the handling was more impressive than it had any right to be, but few people were buying it. I have not spent much time trying to detail the bike so it will clean up much better than what is shown in the photos if you dedicate a day or two, but as it sits it is very nice…it has basically been inside the last 30 years!!! View our full range of Honda Motorcycles online at – Australia's number 1 motorbike classified website. Update: eBay shows sold at $15,500. The F2B or Bol d’Or version of the bike had an even shorter run than the regular CB900F, and was made between 1981 and 1982. Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. The carbs were drained as it was put in storage and the engine was turned over regularly to keep it free. Please understand that as much as you expect a seller to hold their si... Honda CBX. dave @ There are 9 Honda CBX for sale today. We understand that for some this may be a deal breaker, so we have not priced it as if it was a 9 or a 10 collectible Honda. Bikes & ATVs . The Honda CBX only lasted from 1978 to 1982, but when it bowed in ’78 it was the fastest production bike there was, and reviewers raved about how much better it went than the next-best CB900F. It was big, heavy, and pretty powerful for the day, but handling was poor due to a flexible frame and the bike’s overall weight. Seattle, WA 98103 In the figurative sense, though, damn near nothing comes anywhere close. Congratulations to buyer and seller! The sculpted tank blended into CBX-logo side covers and the kicked-up winged tail section looked fast at rest. But thanks to intelligent design, that is not the case. If you are in the market for a 1970s collectable Honda, you want to source the cleanest, best example you can find. The asking price for this time capsule is $15,500, for which you are getting a pristine, absolutely unmolested example of a piece of Honda’s corporate history. This bike will thrill you with its smooth idle and fantastic power and the sound is unmistakable, go for a ride or just add to your collection. or Best Offer +$9.00 shipping. New Battery installed. honda cbx1000 specification It was developed to exceed the level of Z1000 which was at the height of popularity in those days. -dc. The first gen CBX made no bones about what made it special – it was a naked bike showing off its wares to the world. But Honda’s original CB750 forever shattered that paradigm and started the superbike arms race that led to the Honda CB900F2B Bol d’Or seen here. Replaced the shocks with Hagon adjustables. Replaced the tires with Avon Roadriders. Pre-Owned. With more than 105 HP on tap, the big bike was as strong in performance as it was stunning to look at. Motor alone sells for $3000 and ex... … , Exceptional Shape, new tires, only 7200 mis, run great and excellent paint. Finding one even close to this nice is going to be increasingly hard. Although the CB900F lasted until 1983, by then it had been overtaken by the CB1100F. Bike is in stock conditions with a few small exceptions. This 1979 Honda CBX is in better-than-showroom condition, having only covered 9,000 miles over the last 41 years. -dc. And certainly there was no obvious visual connection, either: the original machines were jewel-like, pure racing motorcycles, while the CBX was a sophisticated, premium machine clearly designed for the road. 1980s superbikes have long been extremely affordable, but that’s not the case so much anymore, as you can see from the $6,999.00 asking price for this CB900F2B. This Bol d’Or is certainly one of the rarest, and I was unfamiliar with the model before this one popped up. Original paint MC. Six cylinders, 24 valves and chain-driven dual overhead camshafts help the 1,000cc Honda engine crank out 105 horsepower. As always, RSBFS recommends you do your homework and ask questions. Wanting to build up my spare parts supply for a future project. Honda developed a series of sophisticated multi-piston 4-stroke Grand Prix-racing entries culminating in the RC165 and RC166 250cc inline 6-cylinder machines. Also a small fin, under the motor and next to the drain plug is chipped. Completely original Black1980 Honda CBX - excellent running condition. As few as 50 may exist that are actually titled as Moto Martins, but more kits were probably sold. Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used motorcycles, used roadbikes, used dirt bikes, scooters, and mopeds for sale. The fact the CBX engine has its roots in Grand Prix racing is not coincidental. Is a CBX on your bike porn bucket list? From the seller: Since the bike has been in my collection, it has been stored in a climate controlled garage, under a cover with a Battery tender. (see Photo) Very minor but again, full disclosure. This is a 1979 Honda CBX 1000 six cylinder with a very low vin number and with o for sale Americanlisted has motorcycles and parts in Indianapolis, Indiana both new and used. © Copyright 2019. It was an engine with a motorcycle attached, and it was the fastest production bike of its day. 1 of a kind opportunity to own the complete se... 1979 Honda CBX. It runs perfectly and has never been taken apart and nothing sounds like a Honda CBX when it is winding up through the gears. The name translates to “golden bowl,” and Honda was obviously trying to add a bit of a sporty image by associating it with endurance racing. It was an anomaly. While a liter bike in size, that size is really the problem. 5 offers for Honda CBX 1000 for sale on This was the cusp of the 1980s, and Honda was firing a shot across all bows; they had engineering and technology and were not afraid to use it. Also available was the CB900F2B with a 16-piece, three-quarter fairing and leg shields, housing a clock and voltmeter. Honda CBX1000 Prolink 1981, Recently Imported from South Africa and fully motd and UK registered. (Wife calls it a disease.) While the bike has just under 10,000 miles on it, the current owner is the second owner. Craigslist has listings for Honda Cbx for sale in the SF Bay Area. Good Luck! Has Title signed by last owner and is legit. In 1978 Honda stunned the motorcycling world with a technological tour de force. It has a good paper trail of services performed over the past 30 years along with the $2100 work order we just completed bring it out of a 10 year hibernation. All fluids including brake fluids were flushed. Classy and reliable, with real-world performance and comfort, this would make an excellent practical classic. The 1980s were wild years of experimentation for Honda. A wild and strong statement by Honda when it was released, there is much about the CBX that is stuff of legends. This is a 1979 Honda CBX 1000 six cylinder with a very low vin number and with only 12600 miles. The tires are from 2001 I believe which I think is when it was last freshened up a bit. As a promotional stunt Honda provided bikes to the Isle of Man TT, which were utilized by course marshals and made a statement as to the sporting intent of the flagship Honda. Honda was founded in 1940s Japan by Soichiro Honda. Everything works as it should. See more ideas about honda cbx, honda cbx 1050, honda. Prices are regularly in the teens for well-preserved or restored examples, and today’s specimen has been gone through not once but twice! But that makes sense, since the original CB750s haven’t been cheap for years, and now these later 80s icons are starting to appreciate. As the long run of the original CB750 was at its peak, Big Red decided it was time to show off the ultimate evolution of the CB line, but elected to bare its engineering fangs instead of building a taught, sinewed race bike on the CB platform. Honda claimed this lineage not only aided in meeting the performance targets of the 1047cc, 24-valve DOHC inline six cylinder, but also dramatically shortened the gestation period since this was a route already well traveled by Honda engineers. Latest new, used and classic Honda Cbx1000 motorcycles offered in listings in the Australia. The owner said in his opinion the most important part of any collector bike is the mufflers as they are almost in all cases impossible to reproduce. See 3 results for Honda cbx 1000 for sale in South Africa at the best prices, with the cheapest ad starting from R 95 000. Beautiful and very clean 1979 Honda in Pegasus Silver with 2,075 miles since restoration. This 1979 Honda CBX first and most powerful year of what was then the fastest production motorcycle in the world. Today the standard is known by the more evocative alias of naked, but that is only because after the discovery of ABS plastic nearly every motorcycle since has been a molded canvas of one stylist or another.

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