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This is a must watch for those who wish to conserve our way of life. It deserves more ethical consideration for that reason. This banner text can have markup.. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation Just not deep ones?I say some mentally handicapped people don't have deep experiences...That's where your reasoning will lead people. She responded with “what about rape?” I kind of shut up about it after that. It's wrong to point to one sex and lay the blame solely at their feet. Try shitting in an outhouse when it's 10 below zero... Or skinning a hog in a lye bath so you can have pork tonight... We as a generation need to find our spines and understand reality. LETS DO IT. I think one the best weapons is economic. As in all of society, because you experience something like abuse, poverty or a toxic mother, doesn't mean you choose to repeat it. We got everything from Communists to socialdemocrats to nationalist to classic liberals in the parlement and they get along in a civil manner. Pathetic. The time will come where we will have to put a little skin in the game. 0. And I liked it. And I've been met with everything from blank uncomprehending stares to violence and vitriol. Suddenly the very idea of terminating a child in the womb became the most repugnant thing I could imagine. Either they will leave, shriek to shut you up, or realize their own logical flaws.At the very least we can hope bystanders will either see that they have no answers or are peddling illogical ideas. Now we need focus and hyper-vigilance. Genotyping points to divergent evolution of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma asteris’ strains causing North American grapevine yellows and strains causing aster yellows. The instance that you've mentioned4. At Work. TD Sponsor TD Fan USA Member since 2001. @namtab What does it mean to be alive? @Kidkool12396 It's one of the best documentaries on this I have seen. Pour in the water, sour cream, vegetable oil, almond and vanilla extracts, and egg whites, and beat with an electric mix on low until all the ingredients are mixed and moistened but some lumps still remain, 4 minutes. Hard when my step brother I've known my whole life basically calls me a fascist bootlicker for daring to question the msm. 2. nohardshots @nohardshots. Alabama has signed into law legislation that expands the definition of life to include children in the womb, protecting them from being aborted. Anonymous. These were democrat friends too. And if people want to call me things, fine. We’ve been faithfully waiting for the return of the Queens of the Sour patch. Selected feeds continuously updated. I’ll look for it. By what metric? Make sure to ask Tim if he thinks this is cyber warfare from China! Both MEN and WOMEN have failed to be strong upstanding moral characters, and as a result we see the increasing pathology of the female end of behavior. The difference in volume was already better, maybe mute Tim just a teensie weensie little bit. (Donkey), I just got a notification for this now, odd. I can't tweet and I'm not even a blue check! Women need stoicism ⚓ cold, hard, sweet, patient as the grave ❄ Receipt-bearer // Pro: Life. Agreed, I think you are correct there really is no sense of sacrifice in these generations. lol. We ask not your counsels or arms. Is it just me, or is the audio real low? When AOC mistook an Excel error for actual cash2. . It’s fate telling you to run from twitter..,.. it corrupts everything it touches. A ”rallying call” or ”truth bomb” are more accurate. There's hope dude, just not much. Twitter is absolutely disgusting. Agree, needs fixed. That’s how far the “moderate Democrats” have come. Ohhh wait this is not tweeter...sorry carry on. Well don’t say that or Twitter might delete your new one. It’s because I did the work and changed my mindset(also, Jordan Peterson is amazing). 0. This is a unique challenge, and it's going to require unique fortitude and ideas.Not long ago, I was the one asking, WHAT CAN I DO?! But you see, these 17 democrat citiesare all run by the Good Guys so they can't be dangerous. University College Chichester, UK. Ma lady? @namtab Yes that’s exactly what I’m saying. Can you edit that so he says "It was a peaceful protest." I think Americans have had enough. Anyway, thank you, Parler, for not having 'wrong Trump' trending after a literal death in a high-profile family. The fear and anxiety of what they are now kicks in and makes it difficultto formulate.I have begun making lists of content I need to put togetherto have for such a discussion on why I believe the left and the culturewar from it poses a bigger threat in my view than Trump does, but I have to give him space to provide his reasoning and opposition to Trump.At least he is open and willing to have that discussion.Any suggestions on how to begin talking and addressing the culturewar threat? I do think more people need to start speaking up and making moves. Yeah, using the PC version of Parler mostly because the mobile app needs some tweaks. (Goethe), "We can stay up late, swapping manly stories, and in the morning, I'm making waffles!" Replies (1) Options Top. fricking bastards. On some level though we do have to decide who has more value even if we don’t act on that understanding. See y’all at 5. Not some cool Neo-Cal or cool Pentecostal hipster with an untucked shirt and a soul patch…. When a woman orders a nice light salad know your fries are in imminent danger. Have they... have they never heard of a “self-own”? Have we gone too far to become something else and family is no more? I am getting more and more pissed, angry and for what? @IntravenousDMT You just said a fetus can. The annoying thing is that I'm sure as heckin going to post it on facebook (and the other SM accounts). I can't find it on YouTube or any mentioned of what's going on. I was never really pro-abort, and I remember telling my mom when I was a teenager that I thought it was the same as murder. They also name their organization things that make you sound evil if you oppose them. The only good thing about this whole year is that all the various crises and disasters distracted everyone from that ridiculous baby Yoda meme. At one point in your life you were a fetus, take that into consideration. Back to top. We need to incentivise people to be good parents. @IntravenousDMT Then I guess another way to phrase it is - is a child that is 30 weeks old inside the body vs 30 weeks old outside have less experience at the moment of birth? I quit a well paying job, 4 years ago. ( I … They'll get what's coming to them, just wait. We caught Tim dancing on your digital table. In hs, no body gave a shit about my opinion. It’s hard to say. Parker doesn't have a edit option either. 811 members in the TheTwitterFeed community. Truth is truth. 12 Things to do Instead of Calling the Cops. She really just needed some baby yoda in her life! I only have two people that are only willing to have the conversations with me. FASCINATING - KGB Defector Yuri Bezmenov reveals Russian Subversion Tactics - Full Interview. I was more just pro-choice. Probably not 'live in the woods and eat bugs' level of sacrifice, but it pays to keep in mind that every luxury we have now was bought by people who were willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING to keep us free and make our lives better. The Silent Majority can't be silent anymore. They took the fricking YouTube down. Amazing show tonight, everyone!! Well's always good to hear from real women who think rather than the child like brain dead feminazis that get more attention then they deserve. 0. Someone put som CBD oil in Tim’s coffee and he was less doom & gloom on Sunday. Snarky answer: more abortions less lefties.Considered answer:I thought , and I think most people think the baby is put down like a loved pet; they are sedated then gently the heart and breathing is stopped.I had no idea they rip babies apart fully conscious. That’s how it was before the 1973 decision. You can dump trays of badly made food in the garbage, scrub ugly stains from the floor, throw the trash bag in the dumpster harder than you need to. Not a quote from the Hebrew but the general gist. Just had a dream (nightmare) that I had to pay $200 after saying something mean about Trump supporters on Twitter. These were direct outside threats.Then, we needed aggression and boldness. Also, tell @adamcrigler that if he shaves his beard, all hope is lost. 4h. #beaniesforfreedom #willtherealpatriotsstandup, Been watching you guys for a couple months now and witnessed 1st hand Adam and Tim get red pilled, been wondering how long it would take for regular people to wake up looks like it has already started. I don't have anything on hand, it's not something I think lot on, I don't have a womb. So many people are faced with the existential part of wanting to belong to “something” and with social breakdown of religion, marriage, family, and I’m person town squares like bars and places to court. There is a classic prayer some say before learning the Talmud that asks that "my learning be successful and that I don't become jealous of my partner's success and that I am to be actually happier when they do succeed". I'm not for a welfare state, or socialism, but there has to be something. @sourpatchlyds Think about it, sometimes in life meaning cant be granted to you from talking or visuals, this is especially true for parents. r/TheNewsFeed r/TheVideoFeed r/ThePodcastFeed r/TheBlogFeed … Ooo I finished painting my front porch while u were gone. I care about being able to discuss. I didn’t like the idea of abortion, but I thought it was merciful to let the child be spared from being born into a family that didn’t want it. (It is so refreshing to have civil conversation on these issues ✋). Not me. If these feminist 'leaders' don't wake up to the error of their ways soon we are screwed. That is the key. ‘There is no good place to stand in the middle of a massacre.’Abortion is clearly wrong. I recently had one of them defend the shooting of Jessica whitaker and Bernell Trammell. Love it. I know @Timcast uses the One Ring analogy all the time. Thank u God. Let Twitter remain the wretched hive of scum and villainy.Its pretty nice here without them. That really put the perspective of how precious life is to me. I enjoy the fact you got to go deep into your thought on this platform I agree with you for the most part. This is why "normal" people don't run for any offices. #smashthelikebutton. That is something they may end up needing to explain to their children and grandchildren. Tim's been skipping them to try and rest his voice some. Talcum X inciting destruction of churches got me mad. The level of sacrifice to make is up to us to determine.We will have to make SOME sacrifices. @sourpatchlyds You cant know unless you have kids to risk lol. This, what we are dealing with right now, is the accumulation of what happens when the 50% of the population that is hardwired to be the nurturer, the carer, the logistics behind making sure everyone has enough ...this is what happens when the Mother is warped and subverted from exposure to 50+ years of postmodern and socialist indoctrination and then given free reign in the realms of education, journalism, politics, human resources, marketing. It just smacks of desperation. Youre not against equality are you? Make them follow their own rules. It's an eco chamber anyway. Twitter gives me anxiety and depression it feels like, just a bunch of angry nasty people. Id hate to be the innocent person put to death for someone else's fuck up.Yea, some people will not accept he can get things correct. Twitter really is a cesspool. Never thought I'd see it happen because Tim is so level headed. I'm libertarian, but Istand with my brothers and sisters, color, the time is now. This post was edited on 11/12 at 10:24 pm. We may have avoid alot of horrible reboots from being made. I’ll cancel you!!!!!! Being mixed (in my case, Black/White), has been great - in spite of the challenges others have tossed my way. George Floyd was the "Shot heard round the world." Fuckin sill worms think their hot shit. Wow. That's just sick. And of course, I will be voting. .' Do they support the death penalty too? @ConservativewoGod I am so sorry to hear that you’ve had bad experiences with psychologists and I agree with your distaste for psychiatrists. Eh this guy named Tim pool recently posted some stuff. @Mike67t Absolutely. 0. @RichSilva With how many innocent people get charged as criminals I just don't trust that we always catch the right person. Me andmy boyfriend only just started opening about the current state of affairs, the culturewar and politics. Wow, that is gas-lighting at it's best. It's just like twitter. I just wish your crew had children just so you can fully understand what you're asking people to sacrifice, because currently I don't think you guys know what sacrifice truly means. And tell them that it’s not your skin colour that matters, it’s your mindset. One guy is super black pilled like me and the other is a communist (not exaggerating). They have in fact popularized segregation, racial discrimination and sensorship! This is G. Edward Griffin's shocking video interview, Soviet Subversion of the Free-World Press (1984), where he interviews ex-KGB officer and Soviet defecto... Gio Tricella posted to Parler on June 26, 2020. Sounds like I was off in normie-land and missed something amazing. That sounds like being a moral coward. These are the kinds of questions ur not considering. Obviously women have figured out how to get what they want from men without being men.So when I see things like language being subverted under the radar, goalposts being shifted, evil ideas going by positive names, I see toxic femininity. Baby steps, honestly, but it's a start. I’ve had racially insensitive words tossed at me for my heritage and I still went from being in poverty to upper/middle class with a wonderful husband and family. 5.24 RePost - Q The Plan To Save The World - Joe M @StormIsUponUs on Twitter. Toxic femininity also tends to use the male psyche against itself in order to save the woman from risk. If you were pro-abortion and are now pro-life, what changed your mind, and why? @Macchiatowl I like Peterson, but I still need to read more. UPDATE: I have just finished with the Friday show. You can list a thousand horrible things said to you and by you, you can fill up with bitter and sour, you can hurl your buckets of boiling oil at the telemarketer, the bus driver, the barista. "Hello? If you know someone in this category, please ask them to contribute. @RichSilva Jesus Christ. Anytime you seek help from the police, you're inviting them into your community and putting people who may already be vulnerable into dangerous situations. Well at this point I feel like I'm just friends with half the country, which is fantastic. Yes, I had 4 separate vids on my feed last night all play simultaneously when I opened my browser... and they weren't muted lol And it was all Styxx I ended up going into Braves settings and stopping autoplay on Parler and a few commonly used vid hosting sites as a precaution. I can’t stand the garbage that goes on there. Jasper Fforde. I was 100% pro choice most of my life. Uma década se passou desde que se viram, ambos não são mais os mesmos e sobretudo, existe um vínculo inquebrável entre eles. I watched a few videos of Ron Paul and his argument was consistent and logical. We can't go on like this. Why do u say human life? We all took off for a couple of days until you got back. Not to mention too many people adopting these kids who are abusing them, while people who are genuine are being rejected. Welcome fellow twitter and YouTube fiend !!! I saw the rant live. Though the show tends to help, really, so a genuine thank you to you for what you do . She wasn't even a stripper, but it didn't matter. That's literally what the third Reich did and your line of thinking leads there. Get that unedited version out there - even if you have to bitchute it as a link in the clean version, Tim’s rant put a fire under me. Would that be an attitude of “girls will be girls”? See what Jessica Hebert (jessica_hebert2) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. That experience really sealed it for me; just knowing that there was a life and then it was gone, and that women go through that process willingly was enough to convict me. But we still have to stand up and fight or we don't deserve to live. I just feel like as an argument for abortion that could lead to a murky road. Is this H. K. Edgerton? @Samsh0 Having kids is the best reason to stand up for the future, you want to leave them a Marxist wasteland, or freedom and prosperity? 0. I think you’d like the book. @Name Hidden So people need a haven. But, for those of us with a family, and children depending on us it’s hard to just go up in arms without making proper calculations on how much you can sacrifice. We all sacrifice, it is not until we all get on the same page, that we can do something. He knowshis history. I watched the Thursday show (have yet to get to the Friday show). @IntravenousDMT So we should put shown ALL mentally handicapped people?I could use that description to describe many people like that. Turning Straw Into Gold sees fairytales as a positive, and examines how women used them to help understand the world and cope with anxieties. "But, for those of us with a family, and children depending on us it’s hard to just go up in arms without making proper calculations on how much you can sacrifice. Check the Mormon church - they still have some good women ☺️, Wow this is really well put. Keep it up! After watching Louder with Crowder and his points, and having a son of my own I can’t condone it or be for it at all really. I agree, it’s a shame that society today doesn’t appreciate these meaningful stories. Thank you guys sincerely. Domenic Remove card ellesclud pronhud Uralkali, a key Russian partner in an informal cartel which has helped to keep prices of the fertilizer artificially high, broke ranks this week, sending shares of the main producers crashing and leading to predictions of a fall in the price of potash of up to 30 percent. Lydia IRL where she’s diving into to philosophy and psychology. Who is this Parker? @IntravenousDMT 30 weeks it's brain is fully developed and this able to experience life on a conscious level. Hi Lydia. @RohanSaini Wait did I reply to you or did I reply to myself. I wanna hear you contribute more tonight! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. But we have to know that what we're facing is as much a real threat to our liberty as any foreign actor. #BEANIESFORFREEDOM#WILLTHEREALPATRIOTSSTANDUP. Isn’t it gross?!? 0. He who is the unhappiest, sees the darkness, is enveloped by its chaos, and never leaves, never touching another soul in any way shape or form. An abortion isn't " pro choice" it's killing an unborn child so let's stop calling it "prochoice" and start calling it " pro abortion". Following the death of President Trump's brother Robert Trump, critics of the president have been tweeting the hashtag #wrongtrump, as if to say that it should have been the president to die instead. Although I wouldn’t say someone is less worthy or deserving of life due to there experiences or lack of. Each episode features action filmed just a few days previously. They've already turned themselves into the monsters they hate so much.Really reminds me of this image. Stay classy, twitter. We have payed a big sacrifice. Baby joda was the chosen one and we kill him. Okay WaPo, only .003% of the cities then? income, rape, etc. Funny how all these saying and quotes basically boil down to the same thing:England: Don't be a twat America: Don't be an asshole New Zealand: Don't be a bastard Australia: Don't be a cunt Canada: Be nice , Sweden: var inte en skitstövel.Poland: nie bondz dupkiem. I still believe in pro choice up to the first trimester. r/TheNewsFeed r/TheVideoFeed r/ThePodcastFeed r/TheBlogFeed … I feel it's harder for them to screech if you make them look like the bad guys. I firmly believe that the first step in all of this is to stock up your house with a lifetime supply of tea and honey for @Timcast .. his voice is a national treasure which must be protected at all cost.

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